Joining ISLA


As a member you will receive timely updates on current international issues which affect the securities lending business, as well as being able to participate in discussions to shape future policy in this area.

You will also have access to the members’ pages of the website, which contains details of all ongoing projects, live discussions, surveys and access to current and archived document libraries.


Member Benefits & Criteria:
ISLA has two membership categories: full members and associate members. Full members must be engaged as principal or agent in the lending or borrowing of securities. Associate members must be involved in the provision of commercial services to full members in support of their securities lending or borrowing activities.

The benefits of membership include:

  • Access to the ISLA website, including the restricted members’ pages. The website provides information about regulatory, legal and tax developments affecting securities lending. It also details ISLA’s activities.
  • The opportunity to become involved in and influence ISLA’s work.
  • Discounted rates at ISLA events.


Company Membership Fees:

The ISLA subscription period runs from 1st June to 31st May the following year.


The current membership fees (effective 1st June 2014 until 31st May 2015) are:

-    -  Joining Fee: £1,000 + VAT* (This charge is payable again if you have seceded your membership).

-     - Annual Subscription: £4,250 + VAT* Annual subscription fee for Members & Associate members.

-     - Discounted Annual Subscription: £750 + VAT* (for full members involved in lending securities through an agent only, such as Beneficial Owners). 


* All fees are subject to UK VAT where applicable 


If your company is already a member of ISLA you are not required to fill in this form.

If you require a member’s login ID to access the member section of the website please email a login request to:


Company Membership application forms here