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About ISLA

International Securities Lending Association (ISLA) is a leading industry association, representing the common interests of securities lending and financing market participants across Europe, Middle East and Africa.  Its geographically diverse membership of over 150 members includes institutional investors, asset managers, custodial banks, prime brokers and service providers.

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Recent Documents

Securities Lending Guides

These guides are aimed at Beneficial Owners and are designed to highlight the issues that should be considered.

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Market Practice & Regulatory Policy

The below documents are here for you to download, however, we encourage you to make sure you ratify these with your legal advisors to ensure they are fit for purpose.

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Agent Lender Disclosure (ALD)

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Legal and Regulatory

Working Group Objective: To provide membership with updated information on any current regulatory/legal issues as well as providing an opportunity to share and obtain market intel.

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ISLA Newsletters provide an update on the work ISLA do and are published quarterly. 

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Working Group Objective: Enables tax professionals and tax operational practitioners to exchange views, discuss market changes, and address industry-wide issues.

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Working Group Objective: This group was formed to provide responses to UCITS directive and UCITS V.  It followed this up with review of regulation adoption and has been ustilies to share intel as directive/regulation has been implemented as well as ensuring a consensus interpretation of the rules

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Market Practice

Working Group Objective: Enables operational practitioners to share intel, raise specific ops issues and discuss pending market changes.

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