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    Perspectives & Conclusions from ISLA

    To conclude the ISF & ISLA Securities Finance Webinar Series 2020, Roy Zimmerhansl and Andrew Dyson discuss the key highlights and talking points, and how ISLA’s own priorities relate to the broad array of topics covered over the preceding ten days.

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    Data, Digitalisation & the Common Domain Model

    ISLA have highlighted common data representations as a priority whilst firms continue to grapple with SFTR. We may be entering a difficult period for profitability. Will the industry have the resources to continue the drive towards a digitalised future, or are the potential efficiencies more of a necessity than ever? What are the latest developments for documentation? What are the next steps in post-trade efficiency? Watch the popular technology session at the ISF & ISLA Securities Finance Webinar Series between 7 – 16 July 2020.

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    Demand Dynamics: An Outlook for Beneficial Owners, Alternative Investment Managers & Banks

    Set against a backdrop of recent volatility, short-selling bans and changing trading strategies, what might the demand landscape look like for the rest of the year, and into 2021? What will this mean for prime brokers, agent lenders and ultimately beneficial owners? Watch the penultimate session at the ISF & ISLA Securities Finance Webinar Series (7 – 16 July 2020).

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    ESG & Securities Finance for Institutional Investors

    As Europe begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no doubt that that the sustainable finance agenda will play an integral part in that recovery process. As retail investors increasingly demand other outcomes from their investments than simply profit, this session at the recent ISF & ISLA Securities Finance Webinar Series (7 – 16 July 2020) debates where Europe is on this journey.

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    Industry Leaders: Perspectives & Outlook in an Exceptional Year

    Senior figures from across the securities finance industry share their perspectives, outlook, and experiences so far during this exceptional year at the ISF & ISLA Securities Finance Webinar Series.

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    COVID-19 & Chain Reactions: The Transmission of Effects Across Markets & Institutions

    What effects were transmitted through the web of agent lenders, market makers, exchanges, MMFs? What were the connections between repo, SBL, TRS, HQLA, and even ETF liquidity? What was expected, unexpected, and counter-intuitive?  If you missed it, watch this diverse group respond to these questions and more during the ISF & ISLA Securities Finance Webinar Series.

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    Capital Markets Union & Liquidity

    What are the key challenges that Europe faces when thinking about the development of a fully fledged market-based economic model, and how may those change now that it is increasingly clear that the UK is likely to pursue a strategy of regulatory divergence in the medium term. Watch this esteemed panel at the ISF & ISLA Securities Finance Webinar Series.

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    The New Regulatory Agenda: What Might Delays Mean for Buy & Sell Side Firms?

    Recent market volatility has raised a number of questions regarding the impact of coming regulations and the effect that could have on the markets post-implementation. Watch this insightful panel discussion from the ISF & ISLA Securities Finance Webinar Series.

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    Securities Lending Explained

    This short 5 minute animation, produced by the digital team at FleishmanHillard, explains what securities lending is, who uses securities lending and why, and how securities lending benefits broader financial markets and the provision of liquidity.

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    Securities Finance: The Future

    On June 4, 2020, EquiLend curated a live-streamed panel of global industry experts, including Andrew Dyson, where they debated the impactful, sudden change that swept across securities finance with COVID-19, and how the industry will navigate the new environment in the future.


  • 30 June 2020

    ISLA Legal & Regulatory Broadcast | June 2020

    Welcome to ISLA’s first Legal & Regulatory Broadcast Podcast! Hosted by Adrian Dale, Head of Regulation & Market Practice, our regular update on the Association’s key priorities across advocacy, regulatory, market practice and legal, is now delivered via an informative podcast.

  • 11 June 2020

    Pierpoint Perspective$

    As part of Pierpoint Financial Consulting’s Perspective$ podcast series, Andrew Dyson, shares his thoughts and views on industry priorities, the need for improved communications, and various impending regulations.

  • 01 May 2020

    Harmoniously co-existing: Sustainable Finance and Securities Lending

    As part of their Insights series, Brooke Gillman and Simon Lee at eSecLending speak with Matthew Chessum from Aberdeen Standard Investments and Radek Stech from the ISLA Council for Sustainable Finance on the subject of ESG and securities lending.

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